Monday, 23 September 2013

We started off by opening up the whisper gen and discovered what was inside it as well as what is going to be connected to it.

The whisper gen has 3 main services that will be connected to the machine the first is the gas which will be used to run engine inside it next is the heating which will be used for cooling the whisper gen while also being used for heating so it will need to be connected to a radiator and finally the electrical because it needs power to start and then will start feeding into the grid when it gets up and running.

Since we are electrical based workers in training we aren't well versed in plumbing and needed the help of two tutors from the plumbing department Ritchie and Damon who have taken time out of there busy schedule to help make this project possible cause a major part of getting the whisper Gen going is the plumbing.

So for the moment we are just playing the waiting game and when the plumbers come along and smash the work out of the way we will hopefully have another generator up and running.

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