Sunday, 15 September 2013

Introducing Team Flux

What We Are About:
We are students of CPIT,based in Christchurch all taking part in the High Voltage Electrical Supply Pre Trade course.
The idea of the course is to educate and prepare us for an apprenticeship and eventually to become competent qualified people in the high voltage industry in New Zealand.

At the start of the year our class of 14 students were selected and split into different teams for various exercises and projects. It is approaching the end of our course and we have been given the biggest project of the year, Generation .The aim of the game is to generate electricity through various means and run the classroom we work from for a day and if possible feed the greater Christchurch grid with electricity if we can generate enough.

Team Flux was issued a  4 Stroke Petrol Engine and Whisper Gen  to generate from.

High Voltage Group 2013




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