Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Introducing Team Flux Continued:

Who We Are:
Team Flux consists of five members:
Team Leader: Nicholas Hopkinson

Team Member: Madison Sales 
Team Member: Zak Francis 
Team Member: Marty Taylor
Team Member: Brendon Karamba

Photo time take 1 Petrol engine

Trial and error to get it started to run some light bulbs

The full wave bridge rectifier from AC to sweet sweet DC

Time to see how added modifications work

Fully kitted out for a variable output

Hocked up to a dummy load

Even now still hard at work
Problems we had with the engine so far that we have overcome
  • Bad preformance - the engine spluttered and spattered so had to be tune
  • 3 phase out put - what was needed is a dc output so we rectified it
  • Little or no output - simple problem simple answer an exciter
  • The amount of output - to make it a variable output a exciter was installed
  • The output dropped - charge the exciter aka the battery
  • Unsure at what output we want - put the real load on it and fine tune